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Good Friday 2017

by Juliet Straw

Isiah 52.13-53.12      Hebrews 4.14-16, 5.7-9      PASSION according to St John Wood is a natural substance; at one time, most of the earth was populated by trees. They are vital to the well-being of the planet, a life-giving part of the eco-system, as we have learnt at our cost over the last […]

Maundy Thursday 2017

by Juliet Straw

Exodus 12.1-4, 11-14   1 Corinthians 11.23-26  John 13.1-17, 31-35 When Christ assembles with his disciples in the Upper Room in Jerusalem, they are following God’s commandments given all those years ago to Moses on the night of the liberation of God’s people, the children of Israel, from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised […]

Easter vigil 2017

by Juliet Straw

Vigil Readings       Romans 6.3-11 Well, what a week we’ve had! Was it only a few days ago that we assembled in the our two Church Halls with our palm branches ready to welcome Christ into Jerusalem, entering church with shouts of Hosanna! – and then hearing how quickly those joyful shouts turned to […]

Easter morning April 16th 2017

by Juliet Straw

Acts 10.34-43   Colossians 3.1-4   John 20.1-17 Many years ago, I was at a Confirmation service at Easter-tide with the then Bishop of reading, Stephen Cottrell (now Bishop of Chelmsford) and he asked us all the question: what were Jesus’ first words after he had risen from the dead? Thankfully, this was a rhetorical question, but […]

Second Sunday of Lent March 12th 2017

by Juliet Straw

Genesis 12.1-4a          Romans 4.1-5, 13-17            John 3.1-17 The Bible is punctuated with moments where people take a leap of faith; where there are clear signs of ‘thinking outside the box’. Sometimes these people are anonymous, sometimes they are named, as in today’s gospel when we have the […]

Sunday Next before Lent: Feb 26th 2017

by Juliet Straw

Exodus 24.12-end         2 Peter 1.16-2         Matthew 17.1-9   The story of the Transfiguration is a familiar one; it tells of the revelation of Christ’s glory at the end of the age and fittingly it is on a mountain, echoing the encounters with God of both Moses and Elijah […]